Bulk Chemicals

We offer a wide range of proprietary chemical and processing aids that can be complemented with an extensive inventory of locally and nationally sourced materials.


Our Courier Franchisees offer cost effective, reliable courier service, backed up by the latest computer technology and online parcel track and trace facilities.

Lab Product Development

We have the unique ability to formulate for you with our in-house chemical experts. We can assist with test batches and sampling.

Toll Manufacturing

Our diverse production capability provides customers with the facility and the manufacturing equipment to process their own raw materials and products. Providing the equipment, facility and employees offers low financial investment as customers experience only the variable cost of manufacturing.

Contract Manufacturing

Similar to toll manufacturing, contract manufacturing is a hired third-party arrangement whereby we supply the raw materials, chemicals, labels, packaging through our many supplier relationships, essentially creating a complete supply chain for branded, private label or custom-made products. The customer receives a fast and efficient method of production with minimal investment and a made-to-order supply chain, whilst we take responsibility for making the product to specification and meeting delivery requirements.

Supply Chain Management

We offer active streamlining of your business’ flow of goods activities to provide all processes required to transform raw materials into the final product. In effect, you maximise customer value and gain complete competitive advantage in the marketplace.