About Us

Premier Chemicals Group is a diverse company offering manufacturing and supply chain solutions for a wide range of industries across Australia. Based in south-east Queensland, Premier Chemicals Group provides toll and contract manufacturing, bulk manufacturing and distribution, supply chain management and lab product development for the Mining, Oil and Gas, Cosmetic and Personal Care, Pool and Spa, Janitorial and Building and Construction Industries. With an extensive inventory list, we ensure the ability to source products, complement or manage your supply chain, assist your business in sanitisation, process chemicals and offer a wide range of equipment.

We are a one stop service that is cost effective, providing you with the employees you don’t need to hire, machinery and materials you don’t need to manage and the ability to keep your total cost of goods down. Save time and have peace of mind that your product is in experienced hands.

Our commitment to excellence does not only rest in our products but also with our customers and the greater community. Our diverse on demand model is beneficial to both the manufacturer and the customer.